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It’s beautiful.

The delicate grain of bamboo, whether natural or amber-toned, make it a distinctive, elegant, and subtle material for fine furniture and flooring.

It’s strong.

Bamboo can withstand a great deal of use without damage. It’s stronger even than oak, considered the most durable hardwood. When laminated, bamboo is nearly as strong as soft steel. Bamboo doesn’t swell or shrink as hardwoods do, making it ideal for furniture and floors.

It grows fast.

Bamboo is not a tree—it’s a grass, and it grows like one. Many species of bamboo can grow two feet or more a day. When it’s harvested, it need not be replanted, because it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system. So bamboo renews itself readily, unlike hardwood trees, which, once cut, are gone forever. Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource.

It enhances the environment.

Farmed bamboo stabilizes the earth with its roots, preventing erosion. It takes in greenhouse gasses and produces oxygen. In fact 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. It can also provide habitat for birds and animals (though our bamboo is not preferred by pandas, and is therefore panda-safe).

It’s world-wide and historic.

Our bamboo comes from China, but the adaptable bamboo will grow most places on earth. Wherever it is native, bamboo has been integral to the economy and culture, used for cooking, beverages, paper, houses, and bridges. In China, it’s known as the “friend of the people”.

Why Our Bamboo Laminate?

It’s healthy.

Our bamboo laminate is made with E-1 glue, which meets tough European standards for off-gassing. Some laminated products emit formaldehyde long after manufacture, but the Ecodesignz furniture in your home or business is virtually formaldehyde-free.

It’s efficient.

Parts of the bamboo that aren’t suitable for furniture are used for many other products. Though the bamboo is fast-growing and renewable, we’re still committed to using each bamboo stem without waste.

It’s the product of international collaboration.

EcoDesignz is a shared American-Chinese enterprise. As China becomes more and more significant in the world marketplace, EcoDesignz and companies like it provide jobs on both sides of the Pacific, facilitate other Sino-American partnerships, encourage diplomacy, and promote peace.

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